The main characters of the tv-show The Waltons

The Waltons head

John “John-Boy” Walton Jr.

Played by: Richard Thomas in seasons 1-7 (guest appearances in season 6-7) and in the three first tv-movie sequels. Robert Wightman plays John-Boy in seasons 8-9, and in one of the TV-movie sequels.

John-Boy is the main character of the show. He was 15 in the pilot movie and 17 when the tv-show started. It is the adult John-Boy who provides narration for the show, as he remembers events from his youth.

John-Boy is the eldest son in the Walton Family. He lives with his parents, parental grandparents, and six siblings.

John Walton Sr.

Played by: Ralph Waite seasons 1-8, eight episodes of season 9, the six first TV-movie sequels. Adrew Duggan played the character in the TV-movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.

John Walton Sr. is John-Boy´s father, and the patriarch of the Walton family.

Olivia Walton

Played by: Michael Learned seasons 1-8 (guest appearances in season 8), and in four of the TV-movie sequels. The character was played by Patricia Neal in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.

Olivia Walton is John-Boy’s mother, and the matriarch of the Walton family.

Zebulon “Grandpa” Walton

Played by: Will Geer, seasons 1-6. Edgar Bergen in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.

Zebulon is John-Boy’s paternal grandfather, the father of John Walton Sr.

Esther “Grandma” Walton

Played by: Ellen Corby, seasons 1-8 (only two episodes in seasons 6 and 8) and in five of the TV-movies.

Esther is John-Boy’s paternal grandmother, the mother of John Walton Sr.

The siblings

John-Boy has six younger siblings:

  • Jason Walton, the second-oldest son in the Walton family. He has a talent for music. Played by Jon Walmsley.
  • Mary Ellen Walton, the oldest daughter in the Walton family. She is headstrong and driven, and eventually becomes a medical doctor. Played by Judy Norton Taylor.
  • Erin Walton, the second-oldest daughter in the Walton family. Becomes a telephone operator and manufacturing supervisor. Played by Mary Elizabeth McDonough.
  • Benjamin “Ben” Walton, the third Walton son. Has an entrepreneurial spirit. Played by Eric Scott.
  • James Robert “Jim-Bob” Walton, the fourth and youngest Walton son. Has a talent for mechanical work. Played by David W. Harper.
  • Elizabeth Walton, the third daughter of the Walton family and also the youngest of all the siblings. Just like her oldest brother, she is fond of reading and has a neck for writing. Played by Kami Cotler.

Other main characters

  • Ike Godsey is the local postmaster and owns the general store. Played by Woodrow Parfrey in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story and by Joe Conley in the entire tv-series.
  • Corabeth Walton Godsey is John Walton Sr´s cousin and married to Ike Godsey. Played by Ronnie Claire Edwards.
  • Curtis Willard is Mary Ellen´s husband. Played by Tom Bower before the character is injured in WWII (seasons 5-7) and by Scott Hylands after.
  • Cindy Brunson Walton is Ben Walton´s wife. She is played by Leslie Winston in season 7-9.
  • Rose Burton is Olivia´s cousin. She moves in with the Walton family to help out when Olivia´s tuberculosis forces her to live in a sanatorium in Arizona. Played by Peggy Rea in season 8-9.

Recurring characters

Mamie Baldwin

Emily Baldwin

Aimee Godsey

Rev. Matthew Fordwick

Rosemary Hunter Fordwick

Verdie Grant Foster

Sheriff Ep Bridges

Sara Griffith Bridges

Maude Gormley

G.W. Haines

Flossie Brimmer

Zuleika Dunbar

Yancy Tucker

J.D. Pickett

Drew Cutler

Rev. Tom Marshall